Akiba's Trip: The Complete Series (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)


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Actor: Alejandro Saab

Audience Rating: Unrated (Not Rated)

Director: Clifford Chapin

Edition: + DVD

Format: Animated

Genre: Anime & Manga

Number Of Discs: 4

Publisher: Funimation

Release Date: 2018-02-13

Running Time: 325


When danger lurks on the streets of Akihabara, it’s time to shed all decency and strip down the competition! 

What should have been a normal day for Tamotsu Denkigai goes sideways when he’s nearly killed by deadly creatures known as the Bugged Ones. Moments from death, he’s saved by the mysterious Matome Mayonaka—but at a cost. Changed into half a Bugged One, he’s not only dragged into a war against these beings, but he can’t even leave Akiba! To survive his new reality, he’ll team up with Matome plus the oddly moi Arisa Ahokainen and form “Electric Mayonnaise” to face the cunning creatures plaguing the streets.

Powerful and able to possess anyone, the Bugged Ones have one weakness: being naked! So, it’s up to Electric Mayonnaise to bare the evil facing Akiba and undress the otaku culture that keeps the city alive if they intend on saving it.

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